Frequently Asked Questions

A: Think of us as personal assistants responsible for bringing the food you want right to your door, cubicle, park bench or wherever else you want it. We are your food runner, your picnic provider, your munchie supplier. We are Kats Delivery. Just pick a restaurant, place your order and let us do the rest. Except the eating...that's all you.

A: Because it's fast and easy. Because you'll do absolutely anything to avoid getting back in the car. Because you have been running around all day. Let us do some running for you!

A: Check out, browse menus and decide what you are craving. Order online or give us a call. That's it. We'll brave the weather, fight the traffic and wait in the line. Then we will bring whatever you crave directly to you.

A: Our delivery goal is 45–60 minutes. Busy restaurants or roads, special orders and delivery distance can sometimes slow us down, but they won't keep us down for long.

A: Absolutely! It's a great way to show a driver a little love. Our drivers appreciate the tips.

A: Call us at (205) 624-0777 right away. It isn't possible for us to check the contents of containers in your order prior to delivery. We like to keep our grubby little hands off of your...well...grub. But if there is a problem we want to know about it. And we'll work with the restaurant and make it right.

A: We request all errors be reported within 1 hr of receiving food. Contact us and Submit photos of items prepared wrong via text to 205-624-0777. Customers should contact KATs and not the restaurant for orders placed via KATs. KATs will verify with the restaurant any error reported before issuing a refund. All errors that are not restaurant errors will be handled by KATs on a case by case basis.

A: Select our " You Name It" Option .

  • Can't agree on what to order? No problem! Order from multiple restaurants.
  • Stuck at your kid's soccer tournament? We'll bring dinner to the stands or the tailgate.
  • Want something else delivered? The groceries? We'll help however we can, for a small fee...just call and ask

A: Severe Weather protocols will go into effect as needed to keep our drivers safe. What this means is that Delivery times will be a suggestion. Drivers will not be held to a timetable, and each driver is to consider safety first. We will do everything we can to make deliveries as timely as safely possible. We reserve the right to cancel orders during weather events.

A: Sometimes you just need premium delivery even when one of your favorite places isn't officially partnered with KATs Delivery. KATs Delivery does not represent or market and is not affiliated with the restaurants labeled as non partnered in any way. We provide a delivery service only, acting as your personal concierge or pick up agent.

A: Seller (KATS) has collected the simplified sellers use tax on taxable transactions delivered into Alabama and the tax will be remitted on the customer’s behalf to the Alabama Department of Revenue. Sellers program account number is SSU-R011168568.

KATS will work with it's vendors to remain compliant with all tax laws.

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